Phil Lynott | Statue Commission

Hello Jim,
I am Honored to have this opportunity to reach out to a Legend. Also a fellow artist.
I would like to Thank you for your kind comments regarding myself and Phil’s Statue in your Great Blog you posted late last summer glad to know your on my side. I am so sorry that your blog has only recently come to my attention as I don’t do social media much it was found and pointed out to me by my wife …
I don’t mind telling you Jim Phil’s Statue commission as a result and consequence of my involvement in the project I have to say that it nearly killed me and of course all of the Bollocks baggage that came with it …
I lost well over a decade though a very bad depression.. my interest in everything was gone (except drink) I was doing a great impression of ”Howard Hughes” joking aside it was Fucking Hell. Sorry for the colourful account. I’m only back to feeling ok really in the last couple of years, I’m out there again just getting on with it enjoying Painting again and selling the odd statue here and there I don’t intend ever to tender again unless it was handed to me on a plate and that’s not going to happen. I trust no one in the Arts Council, Suits’ they flush more money down the Bog spend and waste it on big pieces of crap.
I did ask the Arts council for their help years ago when those people destroyed me.. but of course they were no help because they were in on it too. I think this country and its system will never change, they will go on protecting the guilty and will ensure they will have a good legacy left behind… regarding Philomena’s death. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I have to be painfully honest.
Thank you for your time Jim.
Kind Regards,
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